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The Pre-Jordan Program offers Baptism preparation classes for parish families having their first child baptized. Classes are  held on the first Sunday of the month in the Church Annex immediately following the 9:30 AM Mass, and last about 30 minutes. Children and Godparents are also welcome to attend. The 2024 Pre-Jordan Schedule is available below. The Church Annex is located under the Church - you can access it by using the exterior stairs (closest to the School).

Dear Families,

In the traditional Rite of Baptism the presider asks some preliminary questions then recognizes the child by name and says, “The Church of God welcomes you with great joy!”
As fellow parishioners and parents we, too, welcome you and your child to St. Dorothy Parish with great joy.  There is much that has changed in our daily lives these last few years, but what will never change is this parish community’s collective rejoicing at your saying yes to new life and to sharing a vibrant faith with your little ones.

When we host Pre-Jordan classes, we always ask parents to reflect and to discuss with each other why they are seeking out Baptism for their child.  There are no correct answers to this question. Maybe your faith is a central part of your life and you’re aware of the importance of Baptism as the sacrament of initiation that opens the door to the other sacraments and graces available in the Catholic Church. Perhaps you think culturally it’s just what is done, or perhaps the grandparents are insisting on it. You may agree with the dad who stated about his daughter, “I want her to have what I have.”  Or maybe you can relate to the comments of a mom who referenced the consolation of living a life with faith and meaning, wanting her son to know, “there’s more to life than what is in front of him.”
No matter where you are in your thinking at this moment, God is waiting to welcome you and your family with open arms. We at St. Dorothy Parish will do all we can to support you as you nurture your child’s natural inclination toward God. Please know that we are praying for God’s choicest blessings for your families as you prepare for Baptism, and in all the days ahead.
Warm regards,
Mike and Kathy Fohner

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