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St. Dorothy presently serves 2,250 families and as a community we would like to rejoice with you in times of joy and sympathize with you in times of sorrow. We hope you find St. Dorothy to be nourishing and enriching both spiritually and emotionally and that we will be your center of worship. Again, welcome to our community.

St. Dorothy church is handicap accessible. There is a ramp entrance near the front of the church on the rectory side. Within the church, there is a handicap pew immediately as you enter the church from the ramp entrance. There is also a handicap pew directly in front of the Blessed Mother statue on the left hand side of the church. 


Saint Dorothy was born in Caesarea, Cappadocia, an important city in Asia Minor (now Turkey). As a young maiden, Dorothy, was imprisoned during the persecutions of Christians during the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. Dorothy refused to make sacrifices to the Roman gods or worship their idols and was, therefore, sentenced to death.

According to legend, Dorothy suffered in mid-winter and was put to death on February 6, 311 A.D. On the road to her execution, a young Roman lawyer, Theophilius, jeered at her and taunted her for her piety. According to legend, he called out, “Send me some of the fruits and flowers from that garden you speak of, where you are going to your bridegroom.” She responded, “Thy request is granted.” As she knelt at the executioner’s block, she prayed for Theophilus’ wish to happen. When she died, an angel appeared before her with a basket of three apples and three roses. After she died, the basket was delivered to Theophilus by an angel child. Theophilus recognized that the fruit (apples) and flowers (roses) were not native to the arid steppes of Cappadocia. When he saw these gifts he was converted to Christianity and later suffered martyrdom.  St. Dorothy, which means “Gift of God”, is the patron saint of brides, florists and gardeners.


St. Dorothy School is for children in grades K-8. St. Dorothy School offers a quality education and instills in its students positive Catholic values. We focus on strong academics and a good balance of extracurricular activities as part of an affordable and well-rounded education.     


Mission Statement: St. Dorothy Parish School places God as the central figure in every phase of Catholic elementary education. We are committed to enabling the students to understand the teachings of Christ and to guiding them in applying His Gospel message to their daily lives. In cooperation with parents, we are dedicated to teaching and passing on the Catholic tradition. As a Catholic school, all involved endeavor to uphold the standards of an effective commitment toward academic excellence. This is a sacred duty owed to our children, their parents, and to society as a whole. In striving to reach these expectations, our mission is to produce caring, responsible, and educated citizens. 


For more information, please call (610) 789-4100.  

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